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Huichol Sacred Art

The Huichols say there is a mirror between our hearts and everything in the universe. One of the ways they develop and maintain that connection is by making art-yarn paintings, beaded, woven, and embroidered work and rattles. Using age-old designs, Huichol sacred art makes the unseen world of the Ancient Ones visible -preserving the life of the tradition, which serves to maintain the life of the earth. The Dance of the Deer Foundation, Center for Shamanic Studies offers Huichol artworks for purchase.

Yarn Paintings

Huichol yarn paintings are created from the visions and dreams of the artist. They bring alive the world of Huichol shamanism and the gods and goddesses of creation - Grandfather Fire, Elder Brother Deer, Grandmother Growth and Grandmother Eagle, among others. The hidden world of Huichol shamanic tradition is revealed through these exquisite visions. The yarn paintings are made on large wooden squares that are covered first with beeswax. Then individual strands of multi-colored yarn are skillfully pressed into the wax. Integrate pattern of symbol and color are presented in these spectacular pieces.



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