We present 3 downloadable MP3s of substantial exerpts of 3 new System 7 tracks. Click here for technical info on MP3 downloads

1. 7 O'CLOCK This track has been a regular part of our live set for at least two years. This is an early version of the track, which is on our new album Seventh Wave.

Total track length 13min 08secs - Free downloadable MP3 length 3min 18secs (3.22 meg)

Click here to download 7 o'clock

2. WHAT'S THAT? Pure psychedelic drum'n'bass - this track totally rocked the crowd at Glastonbury 1999.

Total track length 10min 02secs - Free downloadable MP3 length 2min 31secs (2.47 meg)

Click here to download What's That?

3. OM ROCK This track was released earlier this year by Matsuri Productions on their compilation Matsurhythm 1. We released this under one of our alter-ego identities Groovy Intent. You can purchase the full Matsurhythm CD, including the full length version of OM ROCK at - just type "matsurhythm" in the search box.

Total track length 7min 56secs - Free downloadable MP3 length 1min 59secs (1.94 meg)

Click here to download Om Rock


All tracks written and produced by Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy, published by Chrysalis Music.


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