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Latest News Update Oct 15th 2017 - November UK shows!! - N-Port & X-Port!!

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System 7 and Rovo - Phoenix Rising

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System 7 - Passion EP - Bandcamp Page

System 7 - PositiveNoise - VIDEO

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Encantado album  - Soundcloud Samples page!

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System  7 - PositiveNoise - club single - June 13th 2011 - MP3 page

System  7 Classics - digital release Jan 10th 2011 - info & MP3 page

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AlphaWave/HPD re-release single - MP3 page

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Respect to our friends around the world and to those of you who are just visiting!!

If you don't know who we are, may we just say that we make original and uplifting psychedelic techno and ambient music.

This Website aims to bring you the latest news of our activities, and lots of details about what we do and what we think about our music and the world in general!

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