(System 7's second album - re-released on May 26th 2003)


catalogue number - AAWCD001

Now available as a CD and as a downloadable digital album encoded in 192kbps or 320kbps mp3 from the A-Wave Webshop



1_7:7 EXPANSION_(+Youth & Tony Thorpe)_(10min 04secs)

Click here to hear 7:7 Expansion mp3 2min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

2_A COOL DRY PLACE_(+The Orb) _(8min 20secs)

Click here to hear A COOL DRY PLACE mp3 2min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

3_DESIR_(+DJ Lewis Keogh)_(7min 49secs)

Click here to hear DESIR mp3 2min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

4_ON THE 7TH NIGHT_(7min 34secs)

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5_SINBAD_(8min 02secs)

Click here to hear SINBAD mp3 2min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

6_QUEST (Moon mix)_(6min 43secs)

Click here to hear QUEST (Moon mix) mp3 2min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

7_SHIP OF THE DESERT _(9min 48secs)

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8_FAYDEAUDEAU_(7min 23secs)

Click here to hear FAYDEAUDEAU mp3 2min clip (96kbps) (stereo)

9_7:7 EXPANSION (Double Edged Sword mix) _(7min 23secs)_(BONUS TRACK FOR DOWNLOADS - NOT ON CD) - A mysterious ultra-ambient mix by Greg Hunter

Click here to hear 7:7 EXPANSION (Double Edged Sword mix) mp3 2min clip (96kbps) (stereo)


This album was originally released in the UK in 1993 and also Europe and Japan by Polygram.
This album was not originally released in America but did eventually come out in 1998 on Cleopatra / Hypnotic.

The A-Wave remastered re-release has an extra track - Quest (Moon mix) - which was originally part of the Sinbad single release. The download release has an aditional bonus track - 7:7 Expansion (Double Edged Sword Mix) - that was originally on the 7:7 Expansion CD single. Incidentally this single reached no.39 on the UK national single charts in 1993!

Faydeaudeau was released by Astralwerks on the compilation Excursions in Ambience 4

The following singles were released :-


Released February 1993 (a top 40 hit!) 
SINBAD + the extra track QUEST 
Released June 1993 with additional mixes by Tony Thorpe.