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Happy New Year 2017!


Upcoming SYSTEM 7 Shows


Sat Mar 4th  2017 - The Old Courts - Wigan, UK - System 7 Live

Sat Apr 22nd 2017 - The Trades Club - Hebden Bridge, UK - System 7 Live

Sat May 27th  2017 - Bearded Theory Festival - Catton Hall, Derbyshire, UK - System 7 Live  (Magical Sounds stage)

Sun  Jul 9th  2017 - Noisily Festival - Leicestershire, UK - System 7 Live  (Techno stage)

Jul 31st - Aug 6th  2017 - Ozora Festival - Hungary - System Static - Live Collaboration with Eat Static  (Main stage)

Jul 31st - Aug 6th  2017 - Ozora Festival - Hungary - Mirror System Live  (Chill stage)








System 7 / Mirror System - N+X


mini-album CD released - 16-03-15




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System 7 - Out


Double CD released - 07-07-14 - The Definitive Single Remix Collection




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Phoenix Rising album - Soundcloud Sound Samples

new G-Wave Website


Psychedelic new Phoenix Rising video - directed by Mood Magic (Japan)








Rovo and System 7 - Hinotori EP - Bandcamp page


System 7 - Passion EP - Bandcamp page


Mirror System - Soundcloud!


System 7 - Encantado album - Soundcloud Samples Page

2015 Live Shows


Sat Feb 21st  2015 - The Picturedrome - Holmfirth, UK - System 7 Live (with The Orb)

Fri March 13th  2015 - Club Circus - Osaka, JP - System 7 Live

Sat March 14th  2015 - Timeless - Ageha - Tokyo, JP - Mirror System Live (with Astral Projection)

Sat March 14th  2015 - Timeless - Ageha - Tokyo, JP - System 7 Live (with Astral Projection)

Fri March 20th  2015 - Deeply Vale Celebration - Heywood, Manchester, UK - Mirror System (+ Green album medley)

Sat May 2nd  2015 - Mayday Calling Festival - Wimborne, Dorset, UK - System 7 Live

Fri June 19th  2015 - Hendre Hall - Bangor, Nth Wales, UK - System 7 Live - Mirror System Live

 Sun July 26th  2015 - Kozfest - Devon, UK - System 7 Live

Thu Aug 6th  2015 - Ozora Festival - Hungary - System 7 Live  (Main stage)

Thu Aug 6th  2015 - Ozora Festival - Hungary - Mirror System Live  (Chill stage)

Fri Aug 7th  2015 - Ozora Festival - Hungary - Novelty Engine - Live Collaboration  (Main stage)

Sat  Aug 15th  2015 - Boomtown Fair - Winchester, UK - System 7 Live

Mon  Aug 17th  2015 - Sonica Festival - Belluno, IT - Mirror System Live

Sat  Aug 22nd  2015 - Inspiral Lounge - Camden, London, UK - Mirror System Live + Gus Till

Sun  Aug 30th  2015 - Whirl-y-Fayre - nr Glastonbury, UK - System 7 Live - Mirror System Live

Wed Oct 28th  2015 - Jazz Cafe - London, UK- System 7 Live - Mirror System Live

Sat  Nov 21st  2015 - Megadog 30th Anniversary - Manchester, UK - System 7 Live

Thu  Nov 26th  2015 - Rescue Rooms - Nottingham, UK -System 7 Live - Mirror System Live

Fri  Nov 27th  2015 - Talking Heads - Southampton, UK - System 7 Live - Mirror System Live

Thu  Dec 3rd  2015 - Dommune - Tokyo, JP - System 7 DJ set

Fri  Dec 4th  2015 - The Liquid Room - Tokyo, JP - System 7 Live - Mirror System Live

Sat  Dec 5th  2015 - Club Circus - Osaka, JP - System 7 Live

Sun  Dec 6th  2015 - Octave - Kyoto, JP - Mirror System Live

Fri  Dec 11th  2015 - Love Ball - Okinawa, JP - System 7 Live

Sat  Dec 12th  2015 - Manier - Kanazawa, JP - System 7 Live

Sun  Dec 20th  2015 - Hawkwind @ The Coronet - London, UK - System 7 Live



2014 Live Shows


Sat Jan 18th - Club Moses - Naples, Italy - Mirror System Live

Fri Feb 14th / Sat Feb 15th - GeoParadise Tribal Gathering - Panama - System 7 / Mirror System DJ sets

Fri Mar 7th - The Ritz - Manchester, UK - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Sat Mar 8th - O2 Academy Islington - London, UK - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Sun Mar 9th - Concorde 2 - Brighton, UK - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Mon Mar 10th - Assembly - Leamington Spa, UK - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Tues Mar 11th - Spirit of 66 - Verviers, BE - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Thurs Mar 13th - The Melkweg - Amsterdam, NL - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Sat  April 12th - Trades Club - Hebden Bridge, UK - System 7 Live

Sun  April 13th - Trades Club - Hebden Bridge, UK - Mirror System Live

Sat  June 14th - Inspiral Lounge - Camden, London, UK - Mirror System Live

Thurs June 26th - Glade Lounge - Glastonbury Festival - UK - System 7 DJ set

Fri June 27th - Glade Stage - Glastonbury Festival - UK - System 7 vs Gong

Sat  July 5th - Talking Heads - Southampton, UK - System 7 Live

Fri July 25th - Fuji Rock Festival - Naeba, Japan - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Fri August 8th - Boom Festival - Dance Temple - Portugal - System 7 Live

Sat  August 30th - Sonica Festival - Gaia Stage - nr. Naples, Italy - Mirror System Live

Sat Sept 6th - Solarafayre - Kent, UK - System 7 Live

Sat Sept 13th - Reverence Festival - Valada - Portugal - System 7 Live

Sept 19-22 - Psy-Boutique Festival - Fethiye, Turkey - System 7/Mirror System

Fri Oct 17th - Space Jam at Tolhuistuin (ADE event) - Amsterdam, NL - System 7 Live (with A Guy Called Gerald)

Sat Oct 18th - The Temple Ball - The Assembly Rooms - Glastonbury, UK - System 7 Live

Wed Dec 31st - NYE at Inspiral Lounge - Camden, London, UK - System 7 Live - playing at midnight!!



2013 Live Shows

Sat  April 6th - Trades Club - Hebden Bridge, UK - System 7 Live

Sun  April 7th - Trades Club - Hebden Bridge, UK - Mirror System Live

Sat June 22nd - Whirl-y-gig - London, UK - System 7 Live 

Thurs June 27th - Mr Kyps - Bournemouth/Poole, UK - System 7 Live

Sat June 29th - Glastonbury Festival Glade Lounge - Glastonbury, UK - Mirror System Live/DJ

Sun June 30th - Glastonbury Festival Glade Stage - Glastonbury, UK - System 7 Live

August 1st - 5th - Sonica Festival - nr. Naples, Italy - System 7 Live / Mirror System Live/DJ

August 6th - 11th - Ozora Festival - Hungary - System 7 Live / Mirror System Live/DJ

Sat Oct 12th - The Orb's 25th Anniversary Tour - Academy 2, Manchester, UK - System 7 Live

Sat Oct 19th - The Orb's 25th Anniversary Tour - The Forum, London, UK - System 7 Live

Sat Nov 9th - Club Chinatown - Hiroshima, Japan - System 7 Live

Fri Nov 15th - The Bottom Line - Nagoya, Japan - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Sat Nov 16th - The Voodoo Lounge - Fukuoka, Japan - System 7 Live

Sun Nov 17th - Big Cat - Osaka, Japan - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Fri Nov 22nd - Club Duce - Sapporo, Japan - System 7 Live

Sun Nov 24th - Studio Coast - Tokyo, Japan - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Fri Nov 29th - Legacy - Taipei, Taiwan - System 7 + ROVO - Phoenix Rising

Tues Dec 31st - inSpiral Lounge NYE Celebration - Camden, London, UK - System 7 Live


2012 Live Shows

Sun March 25th - Star Festival - Odaiba Tokyo - Japan - System 7 Live

Sat March 31st - Electrochoc Festival - Le Fil - St. Etienne - France - System 7 Live

Sat April 28th - WYSIWYG - Berlin - UP2 party - System 7 / A Guy Called Gerald

Sat May 19th - Bearded Theory Festival - Derbyshire, UK - System 7 Live

Fri June 15th - Glade Festival - inSpiral Stage - Kings Lynn, UK - Mirror System

Sat June 16th - Glade Festival - Glade Stage - Kings Lynn, UK - System 7 Live

Sun June 17th - Sonic Rock Solstice Festival - Builth Wells, Wales - System 7 Live

Sat June 30th - Beat-Herder Festival - Lancashire, UK - System 7 Live

Fri Aug 10th - Ozora Festival - Hungary - System 7 Live (main stage)

Sun Aug 12th - Ozora Festival - Hungary - Mirror System DJ set (chillout stage)

Sat Aug 18th - Jelly Festival - Norfolk, UK - System 7 Live

Sat Aug 25th - Solfest - Dance Tent - Cumbria, UK - System 7 Live

Sun Aug 26th - Solfest - Dogs in Space - Cumbria, UK - Mirror System Live

Sat Sept 15th - Inochino Matsuri Festival - Mt. Fuji, Japan - System 7 DJ Set

Sun Sept 16th - Universe - Osaka, Japan - System 7 Live + Sugizo Live

Fri Sept 21st - Shinjuku Face - Tokyo, Japan - System 7 Live + Sugizo Live

Sat Sept 22nd - Club Air - Fukuoka, Japan - System 7 DJ set

Thurs Oct 4th - System 7 in London at The Garage - London, UK - System 7 Live + Banco de Gaia Live

Tues Jan 1st 2013 - Elixir of Life NYE - London   - System 7 Live



Please check out our new Soundcloud page

includes free download of the System 7 Kyoto Oct 27th 2011 live set

Listen to Steve's Radio show on Resonance FM 09-07-2012 - chat + live guitar

Phoenix Rising - System + Rovo - Live Recording from Kyoto Oct 29th 2011

Available now on iTunes - for short live video clip click here


System 7 Latest  Album UP - Released May 30th 2011 - Sound Samples & Details here!!



System  7 - PositiveNoise - club single - June 13th 2011 - MP3 page

2011 Live Shows

Sun Apr 24th - Las Dalias - Ibiza - World Peace Action Festival - System 7 DJ Set 

 Sun May 1st - Golden Gate - Berlin - UP party -  System 7 / A Guy Called Gerald 

Sat May 14th - Hendre Hall, Bangor Nth Wales -  System 7 Live (with  Alex Paterson / Mannaseh)

Thurs May 19th - System 7 UP Launch Party - Ginglik - London - System 7 / A Guy Called Gerald / Slack Baba

Thurs May 26th  - The Junction - Cambridge- System 7 / Eat Static

Sat May 28th - Off The Tracks Festival - System 7 Live & Mirror System DJ Set

Fri June 3rd - Sunrise Celebration - System 7 Live

Sat June 4th - Sunrise Celebration - Mirror System DJ Set

Fri June 10th - Indigo Festival - Israel - System 7 Live

Fri June 17th - Willowman Festival - System 7 Live

Fri June 24th   8pm-9.15pm - Glastonbury Festival - Glade Lounge - Mirror System DJ Set 

 Sat night June 25th/26th   5am-6am - Glastonbury Festival - Shangri La - Club Dada - System 7 Live 

 Sun June 26th   10pm-11pm - Glastonbury Festival - Spirit of '71 Stage - System 7 Live 

 (with Funktion One Soundfield Surround Sound) 

 Fri Night July 29th/30th - Fuji Rock Festival Japan - All Night Fuji - System 7 Live

 Sat July 30th - Fuji Rock Festival Japan - Pyramid Garden - Mirror System DJ Set 

 Fri Aug 5th - Womb - Tokyo - System 7 Live 

 Sun Aug 7th - Hikari Matsuri - Fujino Japan - System 7 Live plus Yuji Katsui (ROVO)

 Sat  Aug 13th - Sonica Festival - Ulcinj - Montenegro - System 7 Live

 Sun  Aug 21st - Beautiful Days Festival - nr Exeter - System 7 Live

 Sat  Sep 24th - Out of the Ordinary Festival - Hailsham, Sussex - System 7 Live

Sat Oct 1st  -   Elixir of Life - London   -  System 7 Live  

Sat Oct 29th   -  Phoenix Rising Tour - Kyoto University - Japan -  System 7 Live + ROVO

Wed Nov 2nd   - Duce Club - Sapporo - Japan -  System 7 Live plus Yuji Katsui (ROVO)

Sat Nov 5th   -  Phoenix Rising Tour - Tokyo O-East - Japan -  System 7 Live + ROVO

Sat Dec 31st  -   inSpiral Lounge NYE - London   -  System 7 Live

Sun Jan 1st 2012 -   Elixir of Life NYE - London   -  Mirror System DJ set



In 2011 we expanded our available digital catalogue. First off was SYSTEM 7 - CLASSICS with some really special tracks from the 12" singles of our 90s period - we'd been waiting a long time for the right opportunity to release these on A-Wave and now the time was right!


For full details, sound samples and Beatport player click here

Giacomo Cavalleri's great video clip of High Plains Drifter - one of the top tracks from the Seventh Wave album

We're also digitally re-released two of our albums - Seventh Wave (Re-Waved) on Feb 7th 2011 and Mysterious Traveller (Re-Travelled) on March 7th 2011


Seventh Wave Re-Waved - digital re-release Feb 7th 2011 - MP3 page

Mysterious Traveller Re-Travelled - digital re-release Mar 7th 2011 -  MP3 page


Please support  System 7 on Facebook

We're going to be playing more live shows in 2012 - please check the site and we'll keep you posted.



NEW RELEASES from JUNE 28th 2010


MIRROR SYSTEM - Reflector DJ mix CD released June 28th 2010  - info & MP3 samples page

AlphaWave/HPD re-release single released June 28th 2010 - MP3 page


2010 Live Shows

Sat  June 19th - Orange Street Music Club - Canterbury - Kent - Mirror System Live / DJ

Sun  June 27th - Glastonbury Festival - Glade Stage - System 7 Live 4pm

Sun  June 27th - Glastonbury Festival - Glade Lounge - Mirror System Live / DJ

Sat  July 3rd - Whirl-y-gig Summer Celebration - Jacks - London SE1 - System 7 Live

Wed Aug 25th - Boom Festival - Main Stage Closing - System 7 Live 11pm

Sun Oct 3rd - Nagisa Festival Osaka - Main Stage - System 7 Live 6.45pm

Sat  Oct 9th - UNIT Daikanyama Tokyo - System 7 Live plus special guest Yuji Katsui (ROVO)

Mon Oct 11th - Doushi Village Party - Near Mt Fuji - Mirror System DJ Set 12 midday






encore:- I MOVE / SCRAMBLE

The purchase price is 1050 Japanese Yen (about 8€ or £7 or $10US)


2009 Live Shows

Sat Apr 11th - Shinjuku Face - Tokyo - System 7 Live + Mirror System Live

Fri Apr 17th - Plus Park - Nagoya - System 7 Trance/Techno DJ set

Sat Apr 18th - Triangle - Osaka - System 7 Live

Wed July 22nd - Total Solar Eclipse Music Festival - Amami Island, Japan - System 7 Live

Fri July 24th - Orange Court Stage Fuji Rock Festival - Niigata, Japan- System 7 Live

Sat Sept 5th - Eden Festival Scotland - Mirror System Live

Sat Sept 5th - Eden Festival Scotland - Steve Hillage DJ Set

Sun Sept 6th - Eden Festival Scotland - System 7 Live

Sat Sept 19th - Password is Love - Cabaret Sauvage - Paris - France - System 7 Live

Sat Sept 26th - Thimbleberry Festival, stanhope, Durham UK - System 7 Live


“Young couples danced in mid-air like iridescent butterflies.
The entire dance hall was kept in a gravity free state. The dance
was called Scramble – a unique form developed by the space
pioneers. Scramble was a Zartizian dance form which employed
artificial gravity to “scramble” the participants at the peak of the
dance. It produced a condition similar to intoxication”.

From Phoenix 2 "Space" - by Tezuka Osamu



System 7 Live at Glade Festival UK July 19th 08

With VJ visuals by Antonio Pagano

using elements of the Hinotori video by Mu-°C Magic


Tezuka Osamu's classic Hinotori image made huge on the ground using

thousands of candles at a traditional ceremony in Nara, Japan.

The temples of Nara feature heavily in some of the Phoenix manga stories.

(picture sent by Rumiko Tezuka)


Short Echoes Radio Piece on Steve from June 08 Listen to MP3 here


Phoenix Launch Party 1 Sat Feb 16th Bristol Trinity Photos here

Phoenix Launch Party 2 Thurs Feb 21st London Heaven Photos here

March 14th 08 show at Glasgow King Tuts Live review here

Major System 7 article March 08 in Scottish News of the World here

Many new System 7 Live photos from Japan August and October 2007 on our Live Page

Read about the Galactic Astronomical Space Bird here



click for details here

Steve has made a major collaboration with Evan Marc (aka. Bluetech), playing
guitar and co-composing for this unique release on Evan Marc's label Somnia.

style: continuous ambient dub techno atmospheric underwater journey....

We have been connecting and reflecting with Evan for the past couple of
years and his work has had an influence particularly on our evolving Mirror
System sound. It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with him on this
project. Underwater guitars direct from the Submarine Captain!


System 7 Latest Album - Phoenix - released 28-01-2008

For further details and MP3 sound samples of our new album - please go directly to the

Phoenix album online purchase page - or for more details to our 2008 Records page


Sound samples here of our new club single Space Bird - released January 21st - with killer remixes by Dubfire and Liquid Soul.

details also on our 2008 Records page

We present the new video made to an edit of our new track Hinotori. A lot of time and a lot of love went into this 21st century manga animation, based on Tezuka Osamu's original image of the mythical bird. Maximum respect to the animation team Mu-°C Magic. Hinotori - literally “Bird of Fire” – is the Japanese title of Tezuka's groundbreaking series of manga graphic novels about the legend of the Phoenix. When intervening in human events Hinotori speaks with a magical telepathic voice directly into peoples’ minds. It is our wish to celebrate the power, the magical voice and the emotion of the Phoenix in music.



For this cool image and the one on our entry page we'd like to thank Masashi Kitazato of  Zavtone  in Japan. Zavtone make flash images to go on mobile phones.





The new System 7 album - inspired by the manga graphic novel series "Phoenix" by Osamu Tezuka - one of the founding fathers of Japanese manga culture. We've collaborated with Son Kite, Jam El Mar, Eat Static, Slack Baba, Daevid Allen of Gong and Japanese bass player Mito from the band Clammbon . The Phoenix music portrays, in a variety of ways, travel through time and space, life, death and rebirth, with each track inspired by characters or images from the books.The new album - titled “Phoenix” - will now be released in the UK in January 2008. Here is the Tracklisting :-



2. SPACE BIRD (collaboration with Jam El Mar)

3. SCRAMBLE (collaboration with Slack Baba)

4. MASATO ETERNITY (collaboration with Jam El Mar)


6. STRANGE BEINGS (collaboration with Daevid Allen)

7. CHIHIRO 61298 (collaboration with Son Kite)

8. MAKIMURA – SPACE PILOT (collaboration with Mito)

9. WOLF-HEAD (collaboration with Eat Static)


10. HINOTORI VIDEO [by Mu-°C Magic]

      [Mpeg-1 included on CD – playable on a computer]



System 7 Interview here - published by Kundalini - promoters of the Main Stage at Shamania July 27th 2007



See a clip of our performance at GLADE FESTIVAL 2005 here - by courtesy of the official Glade Festival DVD





Our webshop is now hosted by our good friends at Planet Gong.

Click here for the new A-Wave webshop page

All our CDs are available there. 12" Vinyls and T-Shirts are also now availablle.

For an outline of Planet Gong's online sales system, please click here

For downloads, as well as at iTunes, our recent CD releases are now available at Beatport







PLANET 7 iTunes exclusive – available now on iTunes worldwide (incl. USA)

System 7 and continue our digital transmissions with the Planetary release of Planet 7.

We have no plans for these cool & exclusive tracks to come out on CD, so we would suggest a visit

to iTunes Music store and a search for "System 7"


Live Transmissions - official release – new album AAWCD010– release date April 17th 2006

Due to its residual popularity we've finally decided to officially release Live Transmissions. Appearing in record stores
from April 17th. Also available now on iTunes globally.


MIRROR SYSTEM – our chillout album AAWCD011 – UK release Sept 26th 2005

USA CD release April 4th 2006 -  available now on iTunes globally

For this new album and for others to follow of a more specifically chillout/downtempo nature our name is Mirror System.

Check out this page for an initial taste of Mirror System.

Click on these titles on the Mirror System page for MP3 samples:-


 -  (an acoustic guitar cover treatment of the Jam & Spoon classic)
HILAL  -  (collaboration with U-Cef)


For more details of the eleven tracks on the CD go to Mirror System page 2 here



Listen to the interview in mp3 form here







The last System 7 studio album ENCANTADO AAWCD009

USA CD release April 4th 2006 -  available now on iTunes


Encantado track listing:-


MORE DETAILS HERE  -  MP3 / Real Audio Sound Samples HERE

Encantado has encountered a great reaction and many great reviews, in particular this one:-

"...Their musical career has spanned almost a decade and a half, they've worked with everyone from Alex Paterson of The Orb to Derrick May, but "Encantado" is possibly Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy's strongest System 7 album to date. Steve and Miquette's sound has always been hard to pin down, floating effortlessly between techno, trance, progressive and ambient music, but this album manages to blend those elements to perfection. The result is a collection of nine tracks that will rock any dancefloor and stand up to repeated listens at home. High points - and there are plenty to choose from - include "Bewitched" with it's low-key opening which builds and builds into driving techno beats, the cinematic broken beats, guitar riffs and bubbling ambient sounds of "Octopussy", and the old school vibe of revisited Alex Paterson collaboration "Bassrock". It's the current single that comes out on top though, the majestic "Planet 7". From its ambient opening chords and its effects-laden guitar, to its trancy loops and driving beats, this track contains everything that makes System 7 great."

New 12" single PLANET 7 with remixes by Son Kite and James Holden out now - MP3 / Real Audio Sound Samples HERE

"...System 7's new single "Planet 7" (AAWT703) perfectly demonstrates their position on the genre map. The original mix is a typical System 7 groove, enriched with their trademark echo guitar and psychedelic keyboard loops. The track cunningly employs a cleared sample from prog-house hero Sander Kleinenberg's "My Lexicon". In their choice of remixers System 7 have chosen people who also inhabit a similar cross-genre space:- rising star James Holden, whose unique and mysterious melodic style reaches across to prog-house lovers and trancers alike, and brilliant Swedish producers Son Kite, whose sound has been described as "psy-prog" and whose new album "Colours" has set the trance world alight. James Holden DJ'd before System 7's highly successful festival-closing main stage performance at this summer's already legendary Glade Festival....."

You can purchase ENCANTADO and PLANET 7 from the A-WAVE WEBSHOP




2004 / 2005 LIVE SHOWS

We've moved listings of recent System 7 live shows and shows in 2004 to our System 7 Live page.


Photos here from our three UK festival shows this summer, including especially the landmark Glade Festival event in July.

Here are 2 reviews of our Beautiful Days festival set.

We had a great time on March 27th playing a live show at Cabbage at Leeds - a beautifully organised trance-orientated event. Big thanks to Chris Purusha who invited us.


As many of you know, we have compiled an email mailing list, based on those of you who have written to us through this website since 1997. For details of subscribing or unsubscribing to the list click here. An email message from System 7 news will be sent to everyone on the list at regular intervals to let you know about new releases and other info. There will be several mailouts due for 2005, detailing our new live shows and exciting new A-Wave projects that we are planning.




System 7 played at the Metamorphose NYE Countdown Event at the futuristic Osanbashi Hall in Yokohama port Dec 31st. for 4000 people. Also on the bill were our good friends The Orb, another good friend of ours Phil Hartnoll of Orbital playing a DJ set, and Mad Professor. Interestingly, this line-up mirrored the first time System 7 played in Japan - at On Air, Tokyo in May 1994 - which featured Orbital, System 7 and Alex Paterson (of The Orb) DJing. We played at half past midnight - just into 2004! A driving spacey techno set - including several new tracks that will appear on our new album later in the year. On January 3rd we also played at a smaller special event at the Spiral Club in central Tokyo in honour of the great live sound engineer Shiro Ono who recently passed away. He was a major figure in the Japanese dance music movement, and also a big influence on System 7's sound. It was Ono who recorded our Live CD - Live Transmissions. Ono we love you.........

Dawn Jan 1st 2004 comes up at the amazing Yokohama venue. We've put up a page of more NYE pictures here.





Our show at Glastonbury this year was once again truly inspiring for us. We would like to particularly thanks all who were there - you were a fantastic audience! As is often the case at Glastonbury we found ourselves playing different things from most shows. As well, if you were there you maybe noticed some tracks that sounded unfamiliar. These are new tracks that we are working on for our next studio album.

A-Wave Records have re-released the rest of the System 7 catalogue CDs. (release date May 26th 2003). These are:-

AAWCD001 - 777 album
AAWCD002 - Point 3 Fire Album
AAWCD003 - Point 3 Water Album
AAWCD006 - Golden Section

All the new CDs have been remastered (and they sound great!)

This now means that fthe full System 7 catalogue is now available worldwide on A-Wave Records and our International licensees.

Shows played in 2003:-

Saturday March 8th - Taipei, Taiwan - V Party
Thursday March 20th - Exeter - Phoenix Centre - System 7 return to the S.A.S. event
Friday March 21st - Brighton - Concorde 2
Saturday April 26th - Stratford Rex, East London (UK) - The Solar Stage Creation Party  - a major trance event.
Friday June 27th - Prague (Czech Republic) - Openairfield Techno Festival - (we played there in 2001 and they've asked us back)
Sunday June 29th - Glastonbury Festival - Avalon Stage 10.30pm - closing festival with a bang!
Friday July 11th - Arvika Festival (Sweden)

Up until the end of April 2004 Steve had a very full schedule of record production work, including the new album of Rachid Taha, and several other major projects. We started work on the next System 7 album of new material (AAWCD009) in the summer of 2003 but the main work is due to start in May 2004. Our next album will be enormously important for us and we plan to come up with something really special.



A-Wave Records / System 7 released July 22nd 2002 MYSTERIOUS TRAVELLER CD (AAWCD008) - a compilation of all the tracks System7 has made with Derrick May including unreleased material, remixes and remastered versions of the originals. Planned release date in the UK is now July 22nd 2002. More details and full track listing on our Records page. Click here go directly to Real Audio and MP3 samples.

We have had several 5 star reviews for this CD in the dance press. It is a skilful blend of old and new tracks marrying the pure techno world and the psychedelic ambient world.

"System 7's shiny bliss-outs are the perfect counterfoil to May's motortronik tech-scapes" (Seven Update - UK).

Licensed for Benelux by PIAS. Licensed for Japan by Beat Records.

Also released:- AAWLP008 Mysterious Traveller Limited Sampler 4 track vinyl double pack. The 4 tracks on this are the 4 that have sound samples available on our site.

We are planning new internet distribution in co-ordination with our forthcoming live CD, having ceased our arrangement with Groovetech.





Sound of the Sun is a new compilation CD put together by our Japanese friends TOKIODROME. We've made a new exclusive track for this compilation titled Teotihuacan (Pyramid of the Sun), which we have been featuring in our recent live sets.

We had a magical time in Japan in August 2002. The Liquid Room , with Tsyoshi DJing, was rammed for the 17th August show. And the decor, especially the extraordinary display of giant candles by Candle Jun, was amazing.

The following week we went up to the Hotaka Mountain Festival. This was 1500 metres up the mountain at a ski-station. Although this was high summer the festival started with mist, clouds and light rain. But on the second night (24th-25th August) the clouds cleared and we could see a beutiful moon and thousands of stars! The lighting design at the festival was absolutely incredible and so was the sound quality on the giant PA. System 7, as one of the headliners, played at the end of the all night session as the sun was coming out. Wow! This was truly one of our greatest ever shows and a memory we will treasure.

On returning to the UK we played a most enjoyable show at the Off The Tracks festival in Derbyshire.

We had a great time at Glastonbury Festival 2002. In particular our set in the Dance Tent on Friday 28th June was one of the best we have ever played. We'd like to say hi to everyone that was there and thank you for all the good energy.


The Big News in 2001 was the arrival of SEVENTH WAVE the new System 7 album, released in the UK on September 24th 2001. We have full details of the album on our Records page . This is our first new album on our new label .

The eight tracks comprise a cocktail of driving techno, spacey housey grooves and funky ambience. One of the tracks is a collaboration with Alex Paterson of The Orb. Click here to hear exerpts of some tracks in streaming Real Audio and downloadable MP3

We released a 12" vinyl single of High Plains Drifter with additional remixes by Voyager and Purple on September 10th. The 12" is attracting strong club play of all three mixes. Click here to hear samples of all 3 mixes in streaming Real Audio and downloadable MP3..

We have compiled an email mailing list, based on those of you who have written to us through this website since 1997. For details of subscribing or unsubscribing to the list click here. An email message from System 7 news will be sent to everyone on the list at regular intervals to let you know about new releases and other info.

We now have 2 pages of photos and details from the World Festival of Sacred Music in Hiroshima, Japan up on the site. Also we've put up some photos of our show at the Melkweg in Amsterdam at the Earth party (November 9th.) on our System 7 Live Page.

The USA release of Seventh Wave (new System 7 album) is confirmed for February 5th. The catalog number for this Cleopatra/Hypnotic release is CLP1191.

The Japanese version of Seventh Wave was released on Sept 22nd.on the Beat label. Benelux release on Sept 24th (PIAS). Other international distributors:- Germany - Cosmophilia  Denmark - Mis.Label  France - Musea  Australia - Stomp. For full details of international releases of Seventh Wave click here.




In our current live set are 4 tracks from the Seventh Wave album - 7 o'clock, Manik Shamanik, and Varkala and High Plains Drifter. They've worked out great, and have assisted us in our current aim of surfing between house trance and techno. In fact playing early versions of our new tunes live has had a positive effect on the album.

One particularily great recent show was in Prague, where we had a great time playing at the Open Air Field Dance Festival on June 29th. Steve also guested with The Orb at this event. We are going in the studio with The Orb in September to collaborate on a new track.

We returned to Japan for a large all-night dance event called Summermania at Makuhari, Tokyo on August 18th. Photos of this event plus more live details on our System 7 Live page

Other recent shows :-

July 15th - Francofolies Festival - La Rochelle (France) (with Rachid Taha)
July 20th - Lovefield / Burg Herzberg Festival - near Frankfurt (Germany)
July 21st - Lovefield Festival - Elsdorf (between Hamburg & Bremen) (Germany)
July 28th - Womad Festival (Dance stage) - Reading (UK)

We will be arranging more live shows for the Autumn. Watch this space.

Over the New Year we were in Australia where we played on New Years Eve at the mighty EARTHCORE festival in Victoria. Before that, in December we were in Japan where we played at 2 great parties promted by the TOKIODROME organisation, with DJ Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Joujouka. We played Dec 8th Japan - TOKYO (Liquid Room) and Dec 9th Japan - OSAKA (Studio Partita).



Our new label is now up and running. Our first release was a 12" of our most successful track Alphawave featuring the classic Plastikman mix in its full 19 minute glory plus a 2 brand new System 7 2000 remixes - released in the UK Sept.11th 2000.

Click here to hear the 3 tracks in streaming Real Audio and downloadable MP3.

We followed thiswith a UK CD re-release of the albums Power of Seven and System Express on November 13th 2000.

If you haven't already you can visit our original MP3 PAGE on this site and you can download substantial excerpts of new System 7 music.

After the new album we will re-release the rest of our back catalogue and also a compilation of all the tracks System7 has made with Derrick May including unrelesed material, remixes and remastered versions of the originals.

Our live set at Glastonbury 2000 on the new open air dance stage (The Glade) was a hugely inspiring event - one of the best we've done. It's given us a lot of inspiration for the new album. Thanks to everybody who put together the Glade Stage - and above all to the 6000 plus people who came to dance on that memorable evening - the best audience ever.

Thanks also to Eat Static and Hallucinogen who played fantastic sets - what a night!

Before Glastonbury we had just come back from Mexico after two crazy shows with our dear friend Alex Paterson.


In 2000 a film came out in America featuring System7 among many other dance artists. It's called Better Living Through Circuitry. Details here.


Most of 1999 was devoted to Steve's production work with the French Algerian singer Rachid Taha who has become very successful in France and the Middle East - he was No.1 in Turkey and Lebanon! The main project last year was a massive live event featuring Rachid in collaboration with Cheb Khaled and Faudel, two other major stars of Algerian Rai music, at the giant Bercy Arena in Paris for 17000 people in September 98.  Steve was musical director of the event, called "123 Soleils". The live album, that Steve produced, has sold over 600,000 in France.

Steve has also been producing tracks for Khaled's next album, including one collaboration with the youg Anglo-Asian singer Amar, to whom we were introduced by Talvin Singh. Some of the recording sessions for Khaled were in Cairo, Egypt.

To get a taste of the 21st Century Arab style check out Arabesque the new compilation album on Gut Records UK that features Steve's Stereo MCs remix and a Rachid Taha track co-written by Steve and Rachid that features Kirsty from Opus 3!

We have continued to do some intersting live shows, including Mexico City in April 1999, Glastonbury Festival, and The Total Eclpse Festival in South West England where we played on August 11th just 2hrs after the eclipse. Despite the cloudy weather the total eclipse, where it went completely dark for 2 minutes, was an unforgettable magic experience.

We were offered the last set on the Avalon stage at Glastonbury on Sunday June 27th. Our live set attracted a large crowd of up to 10,000 people and gave us a great opportunity to debut 5 new tracks.

More details of live shows on our System 7 Live

Late 98 we were in Japan where we played at a wicked event put on by Matsuri Productions with X-Dream and Tsuyoshi Suzuki's band Joujouka.  It was held in an ultra-modern new part of Tokyo built on reclaimed land. It was like being in the year 2030!  The show was great - one of our best ever.

Back in August 98, the Beach Festival was a fantastic event. In fact it was voted best live event of the year in Musik magazine, one of the UK's top dance music magazines.  We played on the same day as Laurent Garnier, who collaborated with System 7 on the Fire/Water albums.


Our CDs Golden Section and System Express have recently been released in Japan on the Flavour label.


For details of all our past Albums and singles check our recently improved Discography pages.


Onwards and upwards :-) :-)

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