POINT 3 - Fire Album

(our third album came out in 2 separate versions - re-released on May 26th 2003)

catalogue numbers:- Fire AAWCD002  Water AAWCD003

This album has been kept in its original form of 2 separate but simultaneously released versions.

The Fire Album is the more beats orientated - it represents a crystallization of the System 7 sound, featuring collaborations with Youth, Laurent Garnier and Derrick May and others. It also has the original version of our most successful club track Alpha Wave.


The original 2 different versions of Point 3 were later released in America by Astralwerks as "System 7.3 Fire & Water" by 777, in a double CD package, and it is still available in this form in the USA.


SINGLES FROM POINT 3 Fire Album :-		


(BFLD20 / BFLT20)
Released September 1994
Our collaboration with Laurent Garnier enhanced by 2 "classic" remixes by Marshall Jefferson and Carl Craig.


(BFLD25 / BFLT25)
Released April 1995 (re-released Sept 11th 2000 on A-Wave)
This features our most successful remix ever - the great Plastikman remix by Richie Hawtin, backed with 2 further softer mixes we did ourselves. This track was an anthemn at Tribal Gathering 1995, being played in most of the tents, and is still popular. We have adapted elements from it into a storming live version that is one of the highlights of our live set.