POINT 3 - Water Album

(our third album came out in 2 separate versions - re-released on May 26th 2003)

catalogue numbers:- Fire AAWCD002  Water AAWCD003

This album has been kept in its original form of 2 separate but simultaneously released versions.

The Water album is largely the same tracks as the Fire album but with completely different mixes mostly without drums. At times relaxing at times overwhelming this has been seen by many as the follow-on to our original chill-out album "Rainbow Dome Music" from 1979 - although in many respects this is like a trance album without drums rather than a typical ambient album. This was long out of print and we are particularly pleased to be rereleasing the Water Album on A-Wave.


The original 2 different versions of Point 3 were later released in America by Astralwerks as "System 7.3 Fire & Water" by 777, in a double CD package, and it is still available in this form in the USA.