We've kept this page from 1995 because of the good memories we have of this unique event.


Here are some pictures from the dance tent at Glastonbury 95, including the Carl Cox set:

Carl Cox's set was simply the most stratospheric live event we've ever witnessed.



System 7's set was one of our best yet. It was recorded and parts of it (or all of it maybe!) will be released at some stage.

Steve would like to apologize to anyone who got caught in in the crowd crush, and to anyone else who got annoyed by the interuptions on Saturday night when attempts were made to clear the tent.

At times there were 20-25000 people trying to get into the tent! (Why should it be in a tent anyway?)

Although repeatedly warned in advance that the dance tent would be popular the festival organisers (bless them) did not believe that there would be such massive crowds.

They do not realise that around 10000 people dance all night at the various small systems up and down the festival site - and that they at least would also wish to continue in the day if given the opportunity.

However a dance stage will now be a permanent feature at Glastonbury, which is right and proper. This was the aim of the whole exercise.

By the way, there was a fantastic "back channel" connection between the dance tent and the Green field via the old railway track!


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