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Pictures from our Japan Phoenix tour of Oct 07 from Nagisa Festival Tokyo on Oct 14th 2007 and Liquid Room Ebisu Tokyo on Oct 21st 2007

Pictures here from our System 7 set  at Mother Space of Sound Festival, Nagano Japan Aug 14th 2007.

Some photos here from our Mirror System live set at Asagiri Jam Festival in October 06 - A dreamlike set before a large crowd in a supremely magical setting.


Some photos here from our Glade Festival set on July 15th 2005. Here's a short Video Clip courtesy of the Official Glade Festival DVD.

We have some photos here from our three UK festival shows from summer 2004, including especially the landmark debut Glade Festival event in July 04.

We played live on New Years Eve 03/04 in Yokohama Japan. Here's a page of pictures from the Metamophose NYE 04 Countdown Event.

The 2 pictures above are from our set at the Liquid Room Tokyo at the Tokiodrome event on August 17th 2002. More pictures from The Liquid Room here.

2 Pages of pictures from our main set and other images from the World Festival of Sacred Music in Hiroshima, Japan on June1st-3rd 2001 here



System 7 set @ Melkweg Nov 06



Sunday Dec 31st  06/07 - Wingmakers  NYE Party - System 7 DJ set

Saturday Feb 24th  -  Cabbage, Leeds UK - System 7 Live + Mirror System DJ set

Friday March 30th  -  Synergy, London UK - Mirror System Live

Saturday April 7th   -  Nagisa Festival at Odaiba (Tokyo) Japan - System 7 on Main Stage

Sunday April 8th  -  Nagisa Festival at Odaiba (Tokyo) Japan - Mirror System DJ Set on Chillout Stage

Thursday April 26th  -  Concorde 2, Brighton UK

Sun May 6th - Bindi Slippage / Byd Mawr - Bangor Nth Wales UK - System 7 Live

Friday June 22nd - Glastonbury Festival - West Dance Tent - System 7 Live

with additional DJ sets at IDSpiral (Mirror System) Friday after midnight

and at Croissant Neuf in the Green Fields (System 7) 10.30pm Sat June 23rd

Friday July 20th - Glade Festival - ID Spiral - Mirror System Live

Sat July 21st - Glade Festival - Glade Stage - SSystem 7 Live

Sat July 28th - Shamania Festival- Kundalini Main Stage - System 7 DJ Set

Thursday Aug 2nd - Sonica Festival (Italy) - 2pm System 7 DJ Set - opening Festival

Monday Aug 13th - Mother S-O-S Festival, Japan - Chillout Stage - Mirror System Live

Tues Aug 14th - Mother S-O-S Festival, Japan - Main Stage - System 7 Live

Sat Aug 25th - Solfest Festival, UK - Chillout Stage - Mirror System Live

Sunday Aug 26th - Solfest Festival, UK - Dance Stage - System 7 Live

Saturday Sept 15th - Odinstown Xperimental Festival, Odense, Denmark - System 7 Live

Sunday Sept 16th - Waveform Festival, UK - Gaia Chill Stage - Mirror System DJ set

Sunday Sept 16th - Waveform Festival, UK - Main Stage - System 7 Live

Saturday Oct 13th - Radix, Nagoya, Japan - System 7 Live

Sunday Oct 14th - Nagisa Festival at Odaiba (Tokyo) Japan - System 7 Phoenix on Main Stage

Saturday Oct 20th - Triangle, Osaka, Japan - System 7 Live

Sunday Oct 21st - Liquid Room Ebisu (Tokyo) Japan - Mirror System Live

Sunday Oct 21st - Liquid Room Ebisu (Tokyo) Japan - System 7 Live

Sunday Oct 21st - Liquid Room After Party (Tokyo) Japan - System 7 DJ Set

Thursday Oct 25th - Superdeluxe Roppongi Fujino Japan - System 7 DJ set + VJ visuals by Sakota Haruka

Saturday Oct 27th - Bambient Onsen Party Fujino Japan - Mirror System 4hrs DJ set !

Sunday Nov 4th - Ku de ta Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia - Mirror System DJ set

Saturday Dec 15th - Inspiral Lounge Opening Party Camden, London, UK - Mirror System DJ set


Friday June 2nd - Slough 4 Peace - Vikrams Occasional Palace - Slough UK

Saturday June 3rd - The Farm - Skegness UK

Friday June 16th - 21st - Sunrise Celebration - Somerset UK - System 7 played main stage Friday 16th June - Mirror System Live Debut Sunday 18th June at IDSpiral

Friday July 7th - Open Air Club - Osaka Japan - with Pitch Black

Sunday July 9th - New Liquid Room Tokyo Japan - System 7 Live on Main Stage - Mirror System DJ set on chill stage

Friday July 14th - 16th - Glade Festival - IDSpiral Solar Chill - Mirror System Live!

Saturday July 22nd - The Wickerman Festival - Scotland UK - Closing Main Stage just after the burning of the Wickerman

Wednesday July 26th - Astoria - London UK - Pongmasters Ball - System 7 and Mirror System with Ozrics and Eat Static in central London

Saturday Sept 16th - Earthdance - Amsterdam NL- A large trance event linking up with numerous other simultaneous parties around the globe - in aid of TIBET

Saturday Sept 30th - Mother Power of the Sun Party - Aichi Japan - System 7 co-headlined with SonKite - and also played together in a Space Jam. Also Mirror System Live on the Chillout Stage

Thursday October 5th - Hati Hati - Kyoto Japan - System 7 DJ set

Saturday October 7th - Asagiri Jam Festival Japan - Mirror System Live! - A totally magical full moon set next to Mt Fuji under an unusually clear night sky - see Pics

Monday October 9th - Shimoda Japan - System 7 and Mirror System private party.

Saturday November 4th - Melkweg Amsterdam NL - Gong Family Unconvention - An unparalleled and inspiring event that is already legendary! On the Saturday dance night we played with Eat Static, Slack Baba and Chris Purusha. Our system 7 live set came after an amazing 15 minute jam with Eat Static!

Saturday November 18th - F.S.O.E. 10th Anniversary - Phoenix - Exeter UK - Mirror System Live!



Anoyo Japan 05
Nagisa Japan 05


Friday January 21st - Exeter (UK) - Phoenix  -  A very successful return to the Future Sound of Exeter - (a Tsunami distaster benefit)
Saturday January 22nd - Portsmouth (UK) - Deltawave  @ The Wedgewood Rooms A brilliant night was had by all. System 7 made a great bunch of new friends!
Thursday February 10th - Glasgow (Scotland) - King Tut's  -  With DJ Alex Smoke (Slam / Soma Records) and a 1 hour Steve Hillage DJ set in addition to the System 7 live set.
Thursday March 17th - Brighton - Blast @ Concorde 2  - a DJ spectacular with sets from Miquette Giraudy, Steve Hillage and Alex Paterson! (not a System 7 live show)
Saturday March 26th - Leeds (UK) - CABBAGE!  -  Another great night at the West Indian Centre. We loved it!
Saturday April 9th - Elham (Kent, UK) - Late Spring Equinox Shake-Out  -  with Chris Purusha from Cabbage DJing - A most enjoyable trip to our old Canterbury-area stamping ground! 
Friday May 13th - Birmingham - The Bubble Club  - an all-night event featuring System 7 with Tristan, Aphid Moon, Astralasia and a fine team of DJs. @ the Sanctuary.

June 24th - 26th - Glastonbury Festival - Thanks to everyone who rocked up to see us play again at the UK's most illustrious music festival! (on the new West Dance Stage in the new Glastonbury Festival Dance Village). And love to all of you who witnessed the first official airing of Mirror System at Glastonbury ID Spiral Chill - We were unveiling our new Mirror System chillout/downtempo project with a special 90 minute after-hours DJ set at the 24hr ID Spiral chill stage in the new Glastonbury Festival Dance Village. Mirror System (Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy) DJ'd at 1.30am on the night of Saturday June 25th.

July 15th - 17th 2005 - Glade Festival - See Pics and Video - We again played on the Main Dance Stage - this time on the Friday (July 15th).

Saturday August 13th - Falmouth (UK) - Princess Pavillion
Saturday August 21st - Cambridgeshire (UK) - Secret Garden Party
Saturday September 10th - Skegness, Lincolnshire (UK) - Sonic Rock Festival

Friday September 23rd - Anoyo Splashdown at Niijima Island Japan - complete with typhoon

Saturday October 1st - Stardance Festival at Gifu Japan - System 7 live set  on Main Stage plus Steve Hillage DJ set and magical Mirror System DJ set

Saturday October 8th - Fukuoka Japan - System 7 DJ set

Sunday October 9th - Nagisa Festival at Odaiba (Tokyo) Japan - System 7 on Main Stage

Monday October 10th - Nagisa Festival at Odaiba (Tokyo) Japan - Mirror System DJ Set on Chillout Stage

Saturday November 26th - Earthcore Victoria  Australia

Saturday December 3rd - Earthcore Queensland Australia - totally magical party!




Saturday March 27th - our first time at Cabbage (Leeds) - a beautifully organised trance-orientated event. Big thanks to Chris Purusha who invited us.
Sunday June 27th - Glastonbury Festival - Glade Stage
Sunday July 18th - Glade Festival - the birth of a landmark new UK dance event!
Saturday Aug 21st - Beautiful Days festival - 2 reviews of our Beautiful Days set here

In October 2004 we played 4 great live shows in Japan, on these dates:-

Sunday October 9th - Nagoya (Pleasure Zone)
Sunday October 10th - Osaka (Mother Hall)
Friday October 15th - Tokyo (Unit - Daikanyama)
Saturday October 16th - Okinawa (Mundo)

A big thankyou from System 7 to our promoters Wakyo / Electric Skywalker and our label Beatink.

Thursday November 18th - Brighton CONCORDE 2  -  see the flyer here. We had a great time at the Concorde previewing our latest 90 minute set.
Saturday November 27th - London - THE ROCKET  (Holloway Road) - TRIBE OF FROG (special thanks toJason, Zoe and the whole froggi tribe)
Friday December 3rd - Manchester University - ACADEMY 3  -  With guest DJ ALEX PATERSON

2003 / 4

The Metamorphose NYE Countdown Event was at the futuristic Osanbashi Hall in Yokohama port Dec 31st. for 4000 people. Also on the bill were our good friends The Orb, another good friend of ours Phil Hartnoll of Orbital playing a DJ set, and Mad Professor. Interestingly, this line-up mirrored the first time System 7 played in Japan - at On Air, Tokyo in May 1994 - which featured Orbital, System 7 and Alex Paterson (of The Orb) DJing. We played at half past midnight - just into 2004! A driving spacey techno set - including several new tracks that will appear on our new album later in the year. On January 3rd we also played at a smaller special event at the Spiral Club in central Tokyo in honour of the great live sound engineer Shiro Ono who recently passed away. He was a major figure in the Japanese dance music movement, and also a big influence on System 7's sound. It was Ono who recorded our Live CD - Live Transmissions. Ono we love you.........

System 7 live shows in 2003:-

Saturday March 8th - Taipei, Taiwan - V Party
Thursday March 20th - Exeter - Phoenix Centre - System 7 returned to the S.A.S. event
Friday March 21st - Brighton - Concorde 2
Saturday April 26th - Stratford Rex, East London (UK) - The Solar Stage Creation Party  - a major trance event.
Friday June 27th - Prague (Czech Republic) - Openairfield Techno Festival - (with Laurent Garnier)
Sunday June 29th - Glastonbury Festival - Avalon Stage 10.30pm - closing festival with a bang!
Friday July 11th - Arvika Festival (Sweden)

2003 / 2004:-

Jan 1st - Osanbashi Hall, Yokohama
Jan 3rd - LSD-E @ Spiral, Roppongi, Tokyo
March 27th - Cabbage, Leeds

Our show at Glastonbury in 2003 was once again truly inspiring for us. We would like to particularly thanks all who were there - you were a fantastic audience! As is often the case at Glastonbury we found ourselves playing different things from most shows. As well, if you were there you maybe noticed some tracks that sounded unfamiliar. These are new tracks that we are working on for our next studio album.


We had a magical time in Japan in August 2002. The Liquid Room , with Tsyoshi DJing, was rammed for the 17th August show. And the decor, especially the extraordinary display of giant candles by Candle Jun, was amazing.

The following week we went up to the Hotaka Mountain Festival. This was 1500 metres up the mountain at a ski-station. Although this was high summer the festival started with mist, clouds and light rain. But on the second night (24th-25th August) the clouds cleared and we could see a beautiful moon and thousands of stars! The lighting design at the festival was absolutely incredible and so was the sound quality on the giant PA. System 7, as one of the headliners, played at the end of the all night session as the sun was coming out. Wow! This was truly one of our greatest ever shows and a memory we will treasure.

On returning to the UK we played a most enjoyable show at the Off The Tracks festival in Derbyshire.

We had a great time at Glastonbury Festival 2002. In particular our set in the Dance Tent on Friday 28th June was one of the best we have ever played. We'd like to say hi to everyone that was there and thank you for all the good energy.

Full list of System 7 live shows played in 2002 :-

Jan 21st - Bristol - Black Swan
Jan 22nd - Exeter - Phoenix Centre
May 4th - Essential Festival - Bristol
May 5th - Haarlem (Netherlands) - Liberation Day Festival
June21st - Gloucester - Arts Centre
June 28th - Glastonbury Festival - Dance Tent
June 30th - Glastonbury Festival - The Glade (Loophead + Alex Paterson)
Aug 16th - Tokyo - Space Shower live TV
Aug 17th - Tokyo - Liquid Room
Aug 25th - Hotaka Mountain Festival
Aug 31st - Off the Tracks Festival (UK)
Sep 28th - London - Ocean - (Loophead + Alex Paterson)





The 2 pictures above are from our set at Earth at the Melkweg Amsterdam on November 9th 2001. More pictures from Amsterdam here.

A really special event for us in 2001 (we played 3 times, in fact - plus 1 DJ set!) was at the incredible World Festival of Sacred Music in Hiroshima, Japan on June 1st-3rd. This event was truly extraordinary. Go to this page for photos and more details.

Other live shows played in 2001 included :-

June 29th - Prague, where we had a great time playing at the Open Air Field Dance Festival.
July 15th - Francofolies Festival - La Rochelle (France) (with Rachid Taha)
July 20th - Lovefield / Burg Herzberg Festival - near Frankfurt (Germany)
July 21st - Lovefield Festival - Elsdorf (between Hamburg & Bremen) (Germany)
July 28th - Womad Festival (Dance stage) - Reading (UK)
Aug 18th - Summermania - Makuhari Exhibition Centre, Tokyo (Japan)
Dec 31st - London  -  Camden Centre (Whirlygig)

We will be arranging more live shows for 2003. Info will be posted on our Latest News page as soon as shows are confirmed.

The 2 pictures below are from our set at the Summermania all-nighter at Makuhari, Tokyo on August 18th.





Over the New Year 2000/01 we were in Australia where we played on New Years Eve at the mighty EARTHCORE festival in Victoria. Before that, in December we were in Japan where we played at 2 great parties promted by the TOKIODROME organisation, with DJ Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Joujouka. We played Dec 8th Japan - TOKYO (Liquid Room) and Dec 9th Japan - OSAKA (Studio Partita). It was our 4th trip to Japan and definitely the best so far.


In 2000 so we played a limited number of other Live shows, including a few special sets with Alex Paterson of The Orb :-

MAY 6th - Manchester Academy (with Eat Static)
JUNE 2nd - Guadalajara (Mexico) (with Alex)
JUNE 3rd - Mexico City (Mexico) (with Alex)
JUNE 24th - Glastonbury Festival (The Glade)

Our live set at Glastonbury on the new open air dance stage (The Glade) was a hugely inspiring event - one of the best we've done. It's given us a lot of inspiration for the new album. Thanks to everybody who put together the Glade Stage - and above all to the 6000 plus people who came to dance on that memorable evening - the best audience ever.

Thanks also to Eat Static and Hallucinogen who played fantastic sets - what a night!



1999 was a quiet year for System 7 live, although all the shows were extraordinary.

We played the following shows :-

APRIL 20th Steve's DJ debut at The Annexe, London "Sympathy in Chaos" with Tsuyoshi Suzuki.

APRIL 24th Dance Festival - MEXICO CITY- MEXICO ! - an amazing event to be repeated twice in 2000 with Alex Paterson

MAY 14th Manchester Special club event with Alex Paterson (Orb) - the first of our new style live jams with Alex.

JUNE 27th Glastonbury - closing event Avalon Field - a 90 minute set for 10,000 people - awesome!

AUGUST 11th - Total Eclipse Festival - we played one hour after the eclipse - magical!


In 1998 we played the following live shows :-

The first 4 dates were with EAT STATIC

March  4th   LEICESTER UNI
March  5th   NEWCASTLE UNI

June  28th   GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL  Greenpeace Tent
July   9th   DOUR FESTIVAL (Belgium)  headlining a special techno night


In 1997  we played the following shows :-

As we've said many times, System 7 live is not at all like a rock concert - it's stimulating and deep psychedelic party music for party people and people who want to get high, and we're pleased to say that our tradition has thrived on these recent shows.

We travelled right across America with the Big Top tour last September and found a great reception for our live sets at all the shows we played. The biggest show was in San Bernadino (LA) where there were around 7000 people.  There was a lot of chaos and disorganisation surrounding this tour. We would like to disassociate System 7 from this and apologize to any of our fans who came to see us but found they had missed our set or that we were not finally on the bill. We would also like to apologize for the fact that most of the DJs had to play sets that were too short - again not of our doing. The overall tone of the event was way too rock n'roll.  But we would like to repeat, the actual shows we played, as listed above, went great and at all the shows there was a sizeable possee of System 7 fans. Also one of the highlights for us was the actual drive across America, through New Mexico and Arizona. Amazing!

We had a great time in Japan in last February. This was our second visit and we met many great people - including Fumi the Techno Cake Artist who has her own Web page here. The Liquid Room has an amazing sound system!

We played at a fantastic Return to the Source event in March which was the last show with our old set. It was great and fitted in particularily well with the new set of Tsyoshi Suzuki who has started to use breakbeats in a trance context.

An enduring favourite in our live set is the track Alpha Wave, which we play in several different versions, notably a special adaptation using elements of Richie Hawtin's killer remix. For a brief discussion of what Alpha Waves are go here.

We debuted the new "Golden Section" set at Pink Pop in Holland and The Essential Music Festival in Brighton and the new songs worked great! At both these festivals we played on the same bill as our old colleagues The Orb!

The Brighton festival had an amazing lineup on 7 stages. The other acts that particularily impressed us included especially Grooverider, the ace drum n'bass DJ who played some totally strange but completely infectious grooves. People say drum n'bass is 21st century - well this was like 25th century!! Amazing!!

The new set reached new levels of energy and magic at Glastonbury, where it was superbly enhanced by John Newsham and Tony Andrews on their amazing 3D soundfield sound system. We have known John and Tony since the 70s and have followed the same musical journey into 90s dance music. The BBC recorded most of our set. We have heard it and it's the best live recording we have ever had. It will no doubt be released on record at some stage.

Our live approach aims at a 100% pure live dance sound, and recently we have been using either Gary Young (Leftfield) or John Newsham (Underworld/Funktion One) to handle the outfront sound depending on who's available. We've also done many shows with Mickey Mann (Orbital).

We have recently simplified our setup, mixing ourselves on-stage.

A more or less permanent part of our team is Micky English who handles on the onstage set-up, and also we use either Haydn Crickshank or Johnny Gaskell from Colour Sound Experiment on lights. They also do lights for Underworld, Eat Static and Megadog and Tribal Gathering events.




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