SYSTEM EXPRESS (remix album - re-released on Nov 13th 2000)

catalogue number - AAWCD005

CD Tracklisting

The CD is a continuous DJ mix. On vinyl the tracks are un-mixed in DJ friendly style.

This is a combination of 4 of our best-known single remixes and 7 completely new mixes of tracks going back to our first release in 1990.

Some of the mixes may be familiar to you, but many others are totally new and quite different - and the way the CD is put together is a wholly new step for us. We've included a review of System Express, if you want to read further.

The original edition of CDs with the catalog number BFLCD21X in the UK came with an additional bonus CD EP with 2 further mixes :- SIRENES - Carl Craig's mix and INTERSTATE - David Holmes mix.

Released in North America by Hypnotic (Cleopatra) Feb 21st 1997

Released in Japan on the Flavour label June 1998

A promo single was released in August 96 with The Jacobs Optical Stairway mix of Big Sky City and The Atahualpa mix of Sunburst.